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Custom Orders

Let's make something together!


I enjoy making objects that you will cherish. Whether you are an individual who wants to incorporate heirloom lace into a pot, an interior designer looking for the dinnerwear set to coordinate with your client's home, or a resturant who wants customized mugs, give me a call and I'd be happy to come up with a beautiful and edgy design. 

Lady Gaga Tea Set


Tea Set Commissioned by the Xcel Energy Center for Lady Gaga, May 2014.


The Graphic Series


Meant to be mix-and-match, this set features hand painted patterns by graphic designer Zoe Marin. A little retro and a little femme, patterns can be applied to virtually any one of Marnette's lovely designs.

Custom Skyline Vases


Many people have requested buildings that were not part of the original series—whether it was a place they were married or simply a place that holds sentimental value—and we happily complied. Pictured above, from left: St. Mary’s Basilica and St. Paul Cathedral.

The Birch Series


A collaboration with The Foundry Home Goods to create a product line that embodies their ethos.

Mantra Cups


A cheeky his-and-hers cup set made for a couple with a clear sense of humor... or not.

Wedding Goblets


Inspired by the lace on a 1960s wedding gown (originally worn by the bride's mother-in-law), we created this beautiful set to mark their big day.


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